I’ve been working for almost 7 years, in advertising industries, digital marketing, and currently on start-up tech company focusing on digital media and content marketing, most of it I’m entitled to Creative — Art Based, but always, got tangled in all sorts of things outside my tasks. Damn you dick corporations.

What I learned from the people who are able and unable to keep-up with the situations and fluctuating systems are; you need to adopt, learn fast, act. The ones who are willing to have a hard time changing their habits, it’s not an easy thing to change your habit, but also, it’s a not a rocket science, you need to be patient and consistent. Those times when you try to change your habits is a pain in the ass. The ones who can make it is the ones who are willing to do that.

Now, from what they say; age is a big matter in learning process, yes, it is. The youngsters who are willing to adopt are most likely going to become more successful and able to achieve higher goals in the industries but sometimes missed the core essentials because they are too fast.
The aging people’s biggest problems are their ego and pride, but the old ones who are willing to adopt, also, are most likely to become successful in the industries, but since they are not as fast as the youngsters, sometimes they missed lots of new methods and techniques.

This peculiar thing really bothers me. It really is. It’s wasting your time to answer any of these questions, “Hey, do you know the shortcut for sleep on Mac?” “Yo, could you text me that restaurant’s number?”.
When you have something in your mind that bothers you and you want the answers, it’s much faster to google it rather than asking your colleagues, friends, families, or your enemies. Try it on yourself and count the seconds. This, of course, does not apply to all kinds of questions that crossed your mind. You get it, right? I know you get it because you’ve read this article this far.

It’s important to have those two characters on the organizations, to keep the amount of achievements on the high-level standard, by backing up each other for its deficiency.
This is just me messing around to keep my mind up-dated and to keep track of it.

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