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Fulus, Indonesia’s leading digital content publisher focusing on millennial audience, today introduces its latest product: FULUS, a digital platform that helps millennials make financial decisions through providing information and comparison regarding various credit card products available in the market.
Creating that efficiency is a priority for millennials. This also applies in choosing means of payment, making cashless transactions using debit cards, e-money, and credit cards their preference compared to using physical money.

FULUS provides a comprehensive comparison regarding cards, from benefits, annual cost, fines, to requirements set by each credit card. This information will then help millennials decide on the best product for their need and situation with no fuss. FULUS’ recommendation can also cater to each millennial’s lifestyle and preference.

Brilio works with financial technology (fintech) start-up Cermati in the development of FULUS. Cermati, whose strength is in financial product comparison, support this project by providing the data on banking and credit card application process. The monetization of this project comes from affiliation system where Brilio earns revenue from each successful credit card application made by FULUS users. In the future, FULUS will complete its features with comparisons of other financial products besides credit cards.

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