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Signups: 21.456
Submissions: 7.529
Unique Sessions: 1.351.604
Pageviews: 2.945.673

3 Months Data from Launch Date.


It all started when...

On 12th September 2017 Brilio Creator is launched, User Generated Content (UGC) – based platform that enables Indonesian millennials to publish their creative writings, photos and videos on and gives them the opportunity to get paid. Through Brilio Creator, targets to get more than 100,000 young creators to join the movement within one year.

Brillo's User-Generated Content is one of the most important platforms for us to gain more traffic, increase engagement, time spent, and get a better understanding of our communities. It’s peer-generated, which makes it a more trustworthy source than in-house content, and we'll get a wider type of content category. The long plan is to make contents almost fully run by it. 

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